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Little looking ready to take bullet meant for Key

March 10, 2015

Labour's electoral problems are not especially complex or mysterious: the party's appeal has shrunk to a handful of urban and suburban pockets; it has failed to rejuvenate in policy, personnel or organisation since its repeated drubbings; it operates under a set of self-serving delusions, foremost among them the unshakeable belief that the tide will go out on National eventually.

Inept Labour Needs to Aim Higher 

July 30, 2014

It is not shocking in the context of New Zealand electoral history for John Key to win a third term; what is untenable is that he looks set to do so with a higher vote than either of the past two outings.

Jump to the Left Put Labour on a Rocky Road

June 4, 2014

This theory of September's election relies on the fantastical notion that a million-strong army of erstwhile non-voters (and, presumably, opinion poll non-responders) are set to storm the nation's polling booths once Labour has lurched exactly far enough left.

The Anatomy of a Failed Labour Coup 

April 2, 2011

These events, from which she emerged with newfound authority, confirm that Helen Clark is a politician of exceptional toughness and guile. She astutely decided against purging her frontbench of coup plotters, even promoting a reluctant Mike Moore to the front bench.

Would the Labour Party have been better off if Helen Clark had fallen in May 1996? Would New Zealand?

The answer is probably no.