If Andrew Little has problems with "spin", he should stop attacking me and start talking to his racist Housing spox

On the same day Andrew Little accused me of "spinning" to Duncan Garner, his racist Housing Spokesperson Phil Twyford was dumping this garbage into inboxes the length and breadth of New Zealand.  

As you will be aware, there’s been a lot of commentary and debate on this issue. The majority of feedback has been in support – but there have also been accusations of racism because the data indicated that lots of offshore investment was coming from one particular country.

"The data indicated"?

"The data indicated"??

No, the data did not indicate that the investment was "coming from one particular country". All it showed is that there were several Chinese sounding names.  Twyford cannot confirm whether they are speculators or not; whether they reside in New Zealand or not; or indeed whether the property owners in question have lived in NZ for centuries or not. Keith Ng demolished Twyford's logic in this epic and essential post. 

When Phil Twyford says that the data indicate something that the data did not indicate, he is not merely spinning – he is lying.  

Also, even if the data wasn't garbage, and even if it did indicate significant Chinese investment, it still amounts to racial profiling to scour records to make a political argument about foreign investment by targeting one racial group over another.  

Why not cross-reference all buyers with the electoral roll, and thereby identify all foreign owners? Why scan pages of names looking for what sounds Chinese?

Labour has no rebuttal to accusations of racial profiling that don't simply make their conduct seem worse. 

If they can't apologise, they should STFU.