One last time for clarity.


Persecution of certain ethnic minorities perceived as harming the majority's economic well-being is as old as history. It seems likely to me that Labour's housing stunt was designed to stoke anxiety among "Kiwis" about a Chinese takeover, and thus fits this historical pattern.

I cited several other examples, including Rwanda because I lived and worked there. While I was aware that this would leave me open to ridicule because it can be easily mischaracterised as "Phil Quin says the Labour Party is like Rwanda" (as Philip Matthews, whom I do not know, has done),  I cited Rwanda in my resignation letter because I doubt I would have gone as far as quitting were it not for what I learned there. I don't really care if that sounds ridiculous.  

As I said in a previous blog post, persecution of perceived "wealthy elites" takes far more mundane forms than pogroms or genocide – but these things have occurred in extreme cases. 

If Chris Trotter or anyone else wants to say that this means I am accusing Labour of planning genocide, then I will leave it for you to decide whether his is a fair reading of my argument.