The meaning of Trump, and then what?

Today in the Business Spectator, I wrote about the state of the GOP race, focussing on the extraordinary rise of Donald Trump – and what happens when he inevitably falls. 

Trump’s persona – the stratospheric self-regard, that confounding hairpiece – is too outlandish for fiction, except maybe as an Austin Powers villain. In the end, that’s why he won't win the GOP nomination. In fact, he probably won’t make it as far as the early contests in Iowa and New Hampshire. Whether it’s picking an unwinnable fight with Megyn Kelly, the popular Fox News anchor, or some other hubristic overstep, 'The Donald' cannot withstand the unyielding pressures of a serious presidential bid. Until he flames out, though, he's milking the publicity for all it’s worth. In his Federal Election Commission filings, Trump claimed his name alone is worth $3 billion – and he’s counting every day of this media circus as a boon to his bottom line.