Rubio wins, Kasich shines, Bush flatlines, Trump lives on: my take on the GOP debate for Business Spectator

I wrote a quick scorecard of the first GOP Debate that was held on Thursday night in Cleveland and hosted on Fox News.  For me, Rubio was the winner, pipping Kasich at the post.  Jeb Bush did nothing beyond confirm that he lacks mojo.  Trump didn't entirely self destruct. 

Marco Rubio: He won the debate. Fluent in delivery, specific on issues, and a compelling personal story. The junior senator from Florida will also benefit from Bush’s poor night. One quibble: on banning abortion, Rubio denied supporting exemptions for victims of incest and rape. This pandering to GOP voters could hurt him in the general election if he makes it either as presidential candidate or as VP. No surprise that Bill Clinton apparently sees Rubio as the greatest threat to Hillary.