US Campaign Update, 13/01/16: Top 5 Stories

1.. In Bloomberg,  Michael C. Bender talks about Rubio’s new campaign ad.


Rubio's team had always planned to increase their TV ad spending closer to the election; Rubio was planning to blanket Iowa with 7,000 ads in the final weeks before the state's Feb. 1 caucuses, the Des Moines Register reported on Monday.
The jump in spending during the past two weeks also comes as Rubio is increasingly under fire by presidential rivals, including Bush. Critics have taken aim at the senator's propensity for missing roll call votes, and, in one of the more bizarre twists of an already strange election season, at his his choice of footwear.


2.  In the Reuters,  Megan Cassella and Caren Bohan write about Sanders plan to audit the Federal government.


Sanders said he supports the bill because too much of the U.S. central bank's business is conducted in secret.
"Requiring the Government Accountability Office to conduct a full and independent audit of the Fed each and every year, would be an important step towards making the Federal Reserve a more democratic institution that is responsive to the needs of ordinary Americans rather than the billionaires on Wall Street," Sanders said in the statement.


3. In Time, Melissa Chan reports Clinton’s lead over Sanders in a new National poll.


Hillary Clinton’s national advantage in the Democratic primary over rival Bernie Sanders is slipping, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll released Tuesday.
She received 48% of Democratic primary voters’ support across the country, while 41 percent favor Sanders, poll results show.  Primary voters under 45 support the Vermont senator by a roughly 2-to-1 ratio, the survey has found. However, more than 7 in 10 Democratic voters, including most of Sanders’ supporters, still say Clinton will win the Democratic primary.


4.   On CNN,   Dan Merica reports that Clinton supports Obama in new ad but challenges Sanders on gun issue.


"It is time to pick a side," Clinton says in a not-so-subtle dig at Sanders. "Either we stand with the gun lobby or we join the President and stand up to them. I am with him. Please join us."
The ad will run online around Obama's final state of the Union and will start to run on national cable in Iowa and New Hampshire on Wednesday, according to aides. The online ad will include a petition to support Obama and Clinton's call for gun reform.


5. In the New York Times,  Maggie Haberman And Ashley Parker talk about Rubio’s new ad.


Senator Marco Rubio is getting savaged on the topic of immigration reform, with ads from groups backing two of his rivals painting him as a flip-flopper and as overly close to President Obama and Senator Chuck Schumer.
The twin assaults reflect the changing dynamics of the Republican race now that Mr. Rubio is rising in the polls in early-voting states. The senator’s past work on immigration reform has left him exposed in a nominating contest in which conservatives are deeply skeptical of such efforts, with the new ads suggesting intensifying attacks on his record less than three weeks before the Iowa caucuses.