Wikileaks, Sarandon reveal depravity of Trump's far-left enablers

It's hardly original to point out that Wikileaks has comprehensively disgraced itself during this marathon U.S. election season. 

Their massive dump of stolen emails from Clinton campaign boss, John Podesta, may have turned out to be the greatest fizzer since Al Capone's (empty) vault, but there's no mistaking the intention behind it. Julian Assange — poster boy for the Nihilistic left — desperately wants to do whatever he can to prevent the election of Hillary Clinton in favour of Donald Trump. He may well fail, but we should at least give him credit for trying. 

Assange may be the most effortlessly detestable character on the far left to tacitly back the authoritarian Trump, but he's far from alone. Actor and activist Susan Sarandon is backing the Greens Party candidate: anti-vaxxer and Putin fan girl Jill Stein. Sarandon knows as well as anyone this amounts to a vote for the Republicans, however ostensibly pure her motives.  

Trump's left wing enablers reveal their true agenda, and it's nothing new: purposeful destruction. 

A useful analogy is the support of many evangelical Christians for the state of Israel. This is not the product of ecumenical goodwill; it because Israel must prosper in order to fulfill the prophecy fundamentalists infer from the Book of Revelation and in other apocalyptic New Testament-era writings. The Second Coming entails the destruction of Israel, so fundamentalists support its right to exist right up until the moment Jesus sends every Jew hurtling into the eager arms of Satan. 

This is the same logic the propels far left support for Trump (and Putin, for that matter) from leftists like Assange and Sarandon who don't support a word of Trump's platform, but rather fantasise about the mayhem his election would ensue. 

Like the quasi-Marxists they are, the last thing they want is a competent centrist technocrat in the Hillary Clinton mould, who will merely preside over an untenable status quo. To them, Trump-induced chaos and even greater governmental dysfunction will inspire apathetic voters to shed the scales from their eyes and — finally — join them in their remorseless revolutionary struggle. 

This exposes the far-left's Nihilistic agenda. They say they reject neoliberalism — a term with as many meanings as there are people who use it — when what they actual despise is the prevailing political and economic system itself. They don't aspire to reform — it is just another word for dreaded incrementalism — but urge a grassroots uprising to topple and, let's not forget, replace with people like themselves, the ascendant political and economics elites. 

They don't offer a comprehensive alternative vision for a world order beyond the destruction of whatever "neoliberalism" is. Why? Because Marxism, the only theory robust enough to offer a systemic challenge capitalism, is so utterly discredited (see: Venezuela). 

Whatever their privately held views, they can barely bring themselves to utter the M-word, let alone spell out an explicit Marxian programme. They have, therefore, become entirely defined by what they oppose — in broad terms, things as they actually are — with the notable exception of Vladimir Putin. The Russian President, whose Peter the Great schtick seems like textbook fascism to most observers, is beloved by left-wing fantasists because he hates the West as much as they do. As long as Putin keeps this up, leftists will turn a blind eye to geopolitical aggression; stifling of press; assassinations of political enemies; the persecution of gays and lesbians, and cronyism on such an operatic scale that it beggars belief. 

If he loses, the overwhelming focus in the coming days will be on Trump's disastrous campaign, an extension of his troubling personality. Splits within the GOP will widen to chasms. The fight between the Trump wing and whatever remains of the GOP establishment will be prolonged, brutal, and — for political junkies like me — completely thrilling. 

But for all the schadenfreude we may enjoy at the Republican's expense, let's not forget the role played by Trump's leftist allies. It has been a clarifying exercise, and we shouldn't forget what we have learned: the far-left are no less opposed to the perpetuation of liberal democracy than the demagogues and tyrants they so eagerly nuzzle.