The plane crash theory was always bogus

Andrew Geddis has a history of deploying his lawyerly arts to defend his mates and misrepresent my views in bad faith. It’s why I quit writing for Pundit. But I’m not interested in a feud with him or anyone else.

As a matter of fact, his rebuttal in Stuff on the Golriz affair was nowhere near as egregious as his previous efforts (he also wrote something in Pundit that I have no intention of reading). But one point he makes is just wrong and requires correction. I don’t think it was especially malicious or even intended to deceive, but his claims relating to the plane crash are false and ahistorical. He asserts that Golriz and co-author could only have known that the conspiracy theory that blames Tutsis for starting the genocide was bullshit after 2012, whereas the paper they wrote was from 2008. Superficially clever but bonkers. The “blame the victim” strategy based around the alleged shooting down of them President Habyarimana’s plane was central to efforts to deny and distort the historical record from LITERALLY DAY ONE of the genocide. It was always a slur designed to exonerate the perpetrators. It has only ever been propagated by genocide deniers and allies of the complicit regime of Mitterrand.

Andrew is wrong that the 2012 ballistic evidence secured  by French terrorism magistrates Poux and Trevidic was the first time the plane crash theory was known to be a sham. It was known as such from day one.

I even wrote about it prior to the Trevidic findings into which Geddis puts way too much store in The East African prior to commencing work in Rwanda. Here is the article.

Andrew was defending a mate from embarrassing charges. He made some factual errors, such as not seeming to know that the ICTR wasn’t in Rwanda, but I’m gonna let it slide. Compared to some of the shit hurled at me by Greens trolls, it was a veritable spectacle of intellectual honesty.