PayPal are arseholes

I just spent three infuriating hours that I will never get back on the phone with PayPal support. They had blocked access to my account for reasons I still do not grasp.  

I notoriously hate arbitrariness in corporate rules, particularly airlines — but PayPal gives them a run for their money.  

The company, which earned $3 billion last year, blocked my acccount, I was told, because it is registered in New Zealand and I live in Colombia.  Except I have lived in Colombia for a year and use PayPal constantly.  Also, aware of these risks, I called PayPal along with my bank to warn them I would be overseas for the foreseeable — or forever if I can swing it. 

So that was bullshit.  

Next thing was they were concerned my account might have been compromised.  If that’s the case, I asked them, why did they continue to extract fees and send direct debits from what might have been a hacked account?  

If there is any suspicion an account has been compromised, PayPal closes down your access but keeps paying everyone else with your money, talking their cut in the process.  They also provide no notification as to what they have done, or why. 

This goes to show one should never support a company whose founder spent his entire youth reading Ayn Rand without laughing.  Nobody to blame but myself.