My notoriously errant predictions on US politics: midterms: 2020 Dem contenders; Mueller; and Trump’s shaky future as President


Here’s more information on each of the prospective candidates mentioned in this video:; Jack click on their name for their Wiki page.

Bernie Sander, Independent Senator from Vermont, 2020 runner-up 

Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts Senatorrm law professor and consumer advocate

Sherrod Brown, Ohio Senator and Champion of Worker Rights

Kristen Gillibrand, NY Senator and fierce advocate on healthcare, national defense and women’s rights

Amy Klobucher, Minnesota Senator, former prosecutor. Off the likability charts

Cory Booker, New Jersey Senator, former reformist Mayor of Newark, NJ.

Kamala Harris, Senator from California, former state Attorney General, 

Mark Cuban, NBA oners, entreprentuer and billionaire

Julian Castro, former Mayor of San Antonio, TX, and Obama{s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

 julian castro

julian castro