Cheekily Adding my Two Cents

 Cheekily adding  

Cheekily adding  

It's so refreshing to see a New Zealand journalist break free from the shackles of 'said'.

I write, of course, of the recent Woman's Weekly interview with Andrew Little and his deputy Jacinda Ardern, who, the author claims, followed a mention of her courageous Facebook stance on pineapple in pizza by — and I quote — "cheekily adding" a dig at PM Bill English who apparently loves nothing more than destroying otherwise perfectly good savoury dishes with fruit.

It was so nice to see a public figure "cheekily adding" something instead of merely saying it. I hope this is the beginning of a trend; a long overdue fightback against the tyranny of writing tutors and journalism courses everywhere.  It is, of course, these forces of Big English who insist that the only appropriate verb to describe someone enunciating something is the boring as batshit "say".

Pooh-pooh, I say.

Correction: pooh-pooh, I forcefully insist.

When Winston Peters says he thinks immigration levels are too high, wouldn't it be more fun for the reader to imagine he was ominously intoning instead

Wouldn't it resonate more to read that Andrew Little grimly stuttered "my leadership is secure". Or that Stephen Joyce smugly proffered the latest Credit Agency rating.

The sky's the limit. They can breathlessly evoke, weepily concede, even carelessly whisper.