Phil Quin Consulting



After throwing myself into politics and campaigning in my twenties, I've been a strategic communications specialist for the past fifteen years. Between 2011-2014, based in Kigali and New York, I consulted to the Government of Rwanda: setting up a whole-of-government communications operation, as well as assisting Rwandan Government as it successfully sought a UN Security Council berth; commemorate twenty years since the Genocide against the Tutsi; and navigate a raft of sensitive and complex diplomatic and political challenges. 

For seven years, I worked as a public affairs consultant in Melbourne after a stint advising Premier Steve Bracks.  In 2007-08, I was engaged by the Victorian Government to coordinate communications around the policy response to an historic drought. 

These days, I'm slowly working on a book of autobiographical essays, writing occasional columns on politics for Business Spectator and other publications, while offering strategic counsel, as well as writing and editing services, to clients in Australia, NZ and the U.S.  


Yolande Makolo, Speechwriter & Adviser (Communications), His Excellency Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda

"After coming to Kigali in 2011, Phil trained and supervised staff in a new whole-of-government communications agency, the Office of the Government Spokesperson (OGS). His leadership style engendered great loyalty among staff and colleagues. Phil has an unmatched ability to grasp political and diplomatic nuance, as well as communicate complexity in a way that reliably hits the mark with intended audiences – domestic, regional and international. Phil is a brilliant writer and strategic thinker, but what stands out from his time in Rwanda was his ability to get the most out of people around him by infusing everything he does with professionalism, dedication and passion for the task at hand."
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Claire Miller,  Senior water policy adviser to Tim Holding, Victorian Water Minister, 2007-2010

"Phil Quin has the rare ability to take a fraught communications challenge, and turn it around. We relied on him during the depths of Australia's worst recorded drought to help reset the media focus on controversial government water saving and augmentation projects. An example: project workers demonised and harassed by a small but vocal group of community activists as doing the Government's dirty work came to be seen instead, rightly, as decent people whose livelihoods and families were at risk from vexatious legal and other action. It shifted the media focus away from the personal to the policy issues -- the right debate. Phil was subtle and masterly in engineering this transformation."

Hugh Evans, Founder and CEO, Global Poverty Project

Phil Quin is a truly gifted strategist, writer and public relations professional. I had the privilege of working with Phil on the 2007 Make Poverty History Campaign in Australia, and several times since at the Global Poverty Project. His ability to articulate complex ideas simply, and use language to inspire people to act is unrivaled. His work has supported our team at the Global Poverty Project to campaign effectively for specific public policy issues and build a winning campaign narrative. 

Nick Leggett, Mayor, Porirua City, New Zealand 

When it comes to getting advice on how to confront a tough communications challenge, there's nobody whose advice I rely on more than Phil. His political instincts, honed over many years, are exemplary. He writes superbly and has a knack for grasping the essence of complex issues and finding a way to express them, across multiple platforms from formal speeches to social media, in clear and compelling ways. Critically, Phil is passionate about whatever he does. Wherever he is in the world, he makes himself available at all hours, and produces uniformly high quality work, often working to stringent deadlines.